"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself."

- Rumi


Alicia has a passion for the combination of yoga and holistic therapies. She is an experienced and sensitive yoga teacher and body work therapist with Ayurvedic & Swedish massage, Deep tissue and Reiki techniques. She is also an eager Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism student and practitioner, spending long part of her time in Asia each winter deepening her studies in Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism.

Alicia practiced artistic gymnastics while young, and trained to be a coach and judge. She coached young girls in a public school in her home town while studying Chemistry at the University of Murcia in Spain. Her dreams of travelling and learning english led her to London in her early twenties to study Environmental Management Degree at London Metropolitan University.

Post studies, she travelled the world with her sister Maisa and a small backpack, becoming increasingly curious about holistic therapies and the yogic path. On her return to London, she practiced for a year with Hamish at the Ashtanga Yoga Shala, while doing her sixteen months 200 hours Hatha YTT with Yoga Campus in London. Over the last 10 years, Alicia has studied and practiced with a variety of renowned teachers, completing a 500 hrs advance yoga teacher training with Doug Swanson in Lake Tahoe, California. Alicia also studied & taught yoga to children for three years in public and private schools across London.

Together with her partner Didier, they left London in 2014 to dedicate more of their lives to hosting yoga holistic retreats around the world.

Alicia has a decade of teaching experience with thousand of hours of teaching, having taught people from all walks of life, from beginners to experience practitioners.

She is currently a mother & a travelling teacher, teaching internationally, holding yoga and detox retreats and workshops with her partner Didier in Europe, South America & Asia. She is part of Ashiyana Yoga Center Family in India, Sri Yoga Shala Family in Sri Lanka, Luxury Yoga Retreat in Spain and Vale de Mosses Retreat in Portugal.

A dedicated yoga practitioner and curious student of spirituality, continuously growing and deepening her yoga and spiritual practice. She walks the yogic path with her whole heart fully dedicated to become a more compassionate human being to inspire others to follow their heart :) 

 "You have inside everything you seek outside."


Didier presently works as Nutritional consultant and Holistic Therapist.

This allow him to offer deep healing and life style changes on all dimensions of being, allowing his clients to take responsibility for their own health and path in life.

In seeking ways to understand life, heal himself, become more aware and reconnect with his true nature, Didier became first a Nurse & Holistic therapist.

His constant hunger for learning took him on an amazing journey of discovery through the apprenticeship of many forms of healing therapies: from being a Nurse in an oncological hospital to Zen Shiatsu & Ayurvedic massage, Meditation to Yoga, Therapeutic massage to Thai massage, ZenThai to Trigger point therapy, Reiki to Magnified Healing & Shamanic healing, culminating now in becoming a Gerson Practitioner and Health consultant.

He also was blessed with the opportunity to learn ancient knowledge and be initiated in Light Language, Sacred Geometry and follow the Shamanic path and ongoing work in Shamanic healing.

Didier is also a top Franco-Portuguese bodyworker who offers therapies and healing on retreats around the world.

In his Holistic therapies he offers multidisciplinary approaches that fuse bodywork, myofascial release, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through Shamanic processing.

He encourages and supports his clients in the release of tension, pain and blockages. Didier's expertise allows him to create a sacred space where healing, trust, surrender and reconnection with the inner self can happen.Through active listening he uses different approaches to help people release their blockages, pain and fears, in order to reconnect with their hearts and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.

More and more, his life brings him to be at service of a higher vision for existence on Earth.